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Sizes: One Size
Measurements needed: WAIST, HIPS
Please see Sizing Chart.
Price: $110.00

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No longer avaialble Gitana 2-Red. Call or email for available colors.

Sassy, swishy skirt, to wear by itself or under just about any of our other skirts: Gypsy skirt, V-dip 2, Sufi skirt or the Falda 09 in the same shot taffeta. Generously ruffled with layers of taffeta and harmonizing or contrasting cotton gauze, it looks great tucked up to the waist with the ruffles cascading over itself or any layers beneath. Goes beautifully with most of our bodices, notably the Faerie bodice, Max, Max 2, Pirate, or Khadija.

This wonderful new taffeta has proven itself to be machine washable (we tumble dry it, too - it seems to fluff it back up). It's polyester, so it's very strong and won't fade like the acetates do. It also comes in an exciting colour range that matches and/or peps up our regular palette.


One size, with elastic waist and drawstring-capable, fits most:

Waist: 52" maximum

Length, Waist to Hem: 36.5"


2012 Gitana Rose in stock this summer!

Available in Gitana skirt colors $35.00